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It’s not me… It’s definitely you

Warning: The following songs make me want to strip down naked, burst through the window, free fall 30 floors, face plant on to a parked car, burst into fits of giggles, choke on my own blood, DIE, go to the pearly gates, say “Wha gwaan?” to Jesus, Vishnu, and the whole gang, do our secret handshake, look for Buddha, hi-five him, have him reincarnate me into a frog, meet a princess, kiss her, turn into a prince, order my subject to bring me a computer, listen to these songs again, cry myself to sleep. Repeat in the morning.

Ahhhhh, I’m not usually that graphic but bear with me. Seems like there’s something in the air here in Toks. No, I’m not referring to cesium-137, I’m talking about HEARTBREAK. Everyone around me is ever so slightly on edge, and are teetering on that thin line between love and hate. I myself have been getting to the point where I wanted to cut a … (cake?) but am ever so grateful that I can lose myself in these awesome tracks. Apparently time heals all, if only it’d hurry up already.

Wanted to post this last week but it was shortly after Typhoon Roke so the title would have been a bit insensitive. Laidback Luke teamed up with Example to produce this gem. I was hooked after hearing the piano intro.

Grab it early on iTunes. Here’s my fav remix of it so far:
Laidback Luke vs Example – Natural Disaster (Benny Benassi remix)

***Side-note: Speaking of Example, is it only me or doesn’t he look (and kinda sound like) Calvin Harris?

Wolfgang Gartner just recently debuted his first studio album “Weekend in America” and listening to those tracks make me want do all those colourful things I said earlier, especially when listening to Shrunken Heads. I can’t speak highly enough of him in one paragraph so I’ll save it for a next post.

Wolfgang Gartner vs Calvin Harris – Feel so Shrunken (Pressure mashup)

Other goodies:

Dirty Vegas – Days Go By (Joe Maz Remix)

Tommy Trash – The End (Original mix)

I want it Deep… Red

Let’s just ignore the elephant in the room and pretend that I’ve been good this summer and posted more than once in 2 months. Right, shall we? These last few months have probably been the most frustrating, heartbreaking, but at the same time exciting, enlightening, I-wouldn’t-change-a-thing period. I’ve met some amaaazing people, gotten closer to more awesome friends, and lost some relationships that had run their courses. The things I’ve seen, Dear God the things I’ve heard… well let’s just focus on some of the great tracks that I’ve heard.

Summer Highlight: FUJI ROCK. All things Fuji Rock really. The artists, the friendly energy, the FOOD, goshdarnit even the rain and mud! Not a bad way to pop a rock festival virgin’s cherry. Steve Aoki, Tensnake, Digitalism, need I say more?
SUMMER SONIC was a bit of a disappointment after the high of Fuji but hey, dancing to The Village People on a beach with people equally as trashed as you makes for some epic pictures. Ha!

So first up, Fake Blood just today released his long-awaited Deep Red EP. The man can do no wrong with his hands and is sure to make a lot of you electro heads very, very, ahhhhhhh happy. Get ready for a massive earection. Giggity.
Deep Red EP Teaser

I predict the Deep Red track (like Mars, Fix your Accent, I Think I like it) will be played on loop on many a iPod and dance floor. You’ve heard the teaser, now you can grab it at:
Beatport or Juno Download. Clean up in aisle 8 please.

I’ve had my eye on Hyper Crush for a while now and should be ashamed that I haven’t written about them before. They released a new banger “Flip the Switch” on their Free Song Fridays earlier this summer. I’ve gotten a great response when I’ve used this remix in my set. Fist pump this!

Hyper Crush – Flip the Switch (The Drill remix)

Duck Sauce, Duck Sauce, my kingdom for some Duck Sauce. Much like the first time I heard Barbra Streisand, I thought “Whatthecuss?” when I first listened to “Big Bad Wolf.” But when it got to the woooo-ooo hook, I cracked up and therefore was sold. A far cry from their disco bangers but sick nonetheless.

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf

Other goodies:
Boys will be Boys (Tiësto, Angger Dimas & Showtek) – We Rock in the Dark

Deadmau5 vs Sak Noel – What the F___, Where my Keys (Michael Scott Bootleg)

Look at me! Are you looking?

I’m baaaack. Yes I’ve been incognito for over a month now and with good reason. Trust me if I wrote now what I really wanted to write then, HEADS. WOULD. EFFING. ROLL. Didn’t want to turn all Mark Zuckerberg pre-Facebook. It was so hard but I didn’t touch JanKenBPM (not even a peek) and Facebook, I never thought it possible to not even write a status update for over 2 weeks. Shock.

This week marked 2 months since the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Japan is trying to rebuild and we all are trying to move on with our lives. Our relationships/friendships were affected in some way or another and I learned a few things about myself and others since the tragedy. A few things I hope to stick to is:

Never to apologise if you don’t mean it, especially hoping it will elicit an apology in return. Just as it also goes without saying, never take credit for things you didn’t do.

Never pander to attention whores, because soon enough monsters are created.

Don’t take your friends for granted. Make more of an effort to spend time with people you vibe with. Negative energy is just bad for your health.

Ok, so now that I’ve imparted a few gems to live by, I can now return to my lovely, winsome self *cough. Music please:

For when you’re not feeling so winsome, Adele truly brings out that raw emotion.
Adele- Rolling in the Deep (Dan Clare Remix)

Mr. Harris not singing on his track? Shock. Love him anyway.
Calvin Harris – Awooga

And what’s this about Skrillex’s laptop being stolen out of his hotel room in Milan? That seriously sucks. From what I’ve read “Lost in Space” is a collabo with Deadmau5. I dunno how legit that info is but it’s far too good to not share with you a preview on Youtube. I would have posted the track here but don’t want to take a chance and the suits come knocking again. Heard it once and fell in love.

So without further ado Deadmau5- Lost in Space (Feed Me Remix)
See you at Sniff Sniff tonight x

Bitchin’ Rock Stars from Mars… ie. a rock star, a bitch and a nutter

With all the media frenzy surrounding these men and their huge egos, it had me thinking “What songs would I use to describe them?”

Charlie is one helluva drug. “If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body. Too much?” I’m not a “Two and a Half Men” fan but I can’t get me enough of Charlie Sheen. At first I thought he was a complete narcissist, but now I really am believin’ he’s the ultimate bitchin’ rock star from Mars. Love him or hate him, dude is Legen…wait for it…

Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me (Botox Bad Beats Remix) ☆☆

FUKKK OFFF – Love Me Hate Kiss Me Kill Me ☆☆☆

The Sounds – No One Sleeps When I’m Awake (La Dolce Vita Remix)


Galliano, Galliano what a pickle you’ve gotten yourself into. I’m sure we all saw the vid and were shocked by his remarks but I saw a sad, drunk, old man on the verge of catatonia. Hopefully rehab will help him “to address the personal failure which led to these circumstances.”

Jamie Foxx – Blame It (On the Alcohol) -FnDannyBoy Remix

What, too soon?

And lastly, Gaddafi, I have nothing to say except that you must be nucking futs. Did y’all see him with that white umbrella?

Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden -Bonkers (Mark Lam remix)

Here are a few other songs thrown in for good measure:
Rihanna vs. Iron Maiden – Fear of The Rockstar 101 (DJs From Mars Remix)

Voltronixx – Quit your bitchin (Bazuco Remix)

Any closing words Charlie?

“I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending like I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars. … You can’t process me with a normal brain.”

Couldn’t have said it any better myself x

Born This Way: Don’t be a Drag, just be a Queen

My God, isn’t this pic just frikkin awesome? Think of it as a post Valentine gift from me <3.

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard Lady Gaga’s new single “Born this Way”, from her upcoming album which is probably the most anticipated album of 2011. I assure you, it will be dissected and critiqued ad nauseum, but that won’t stop me from adding my 2 cents.

So, does it work? Honestly, I got a bit bored the first 20 secs in. I read someone tweet “it already sounds like a tired David Guetta throwaway” and I found myself chuckling in agreement. I suspect “Born this Way” won’t age as gracefully as some of her other songs BUT I did feel the same way the first time I heard Paparazzi, so it still is early days.

Inevitably, when you’re as famous as Gaga, you will be compared to other singers. Remember the whole Christina Aguilera debacle? Yeah, I know Christina who? And there’s also the whole Grace Jones‘ outrageous style copied, blah, blah, let’s get back to the music. (Love you Grace Jones!) Obviously, the great queen Madge is the icon most pointed to. “Born This Way” is eerily evocative of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” + (insert whatever here) since its premiere. Not that this is necessarily tragic BUT if you’re going to hype your song as the new gay anthem (that could dethrone “I Will Survive“) then ehhh, it doesn’t quite work in that sense.

The message, on the other hand, does work. One of the reasons I loved Gaga is because she’s always been an outspoken advocate for gay rights. I wouldn’t say this is the ultimate gay anthem, more an anthem for all minorities. The lyrics are honest, she knows how to create a solid pop song with a big hook. Until the music video, or the next single drops, “Born This Way” will be played to death in clubs and will be belted out at gay pride parades throughout the year. Nichome anyone?

Lady Gaga – Born This Way (DrewG Brian Cua Dirty Pop Remix)

Lady Gaga – Born This Way to Feel The Music (DJ Tristan Jaxx You’re A Queen Mix)

What do you think? Any anthems you’d like me to post? Leave your comments below.

Die Antwoord: One night Zef in Tokyo

I’m not going to lie, these people kinda scare me. Yep, and they’re here in Tokyo!

Whether you’ve heard of Die Antwoord in 2009 when they blew up the blogosphere or more recently, I’m pretty sure they made quite an impression on you, to put it lightly. I think my exact thoughts when watching Evil Boy was “There are way too many penises up in this video!”

See what ah mean? Love them or hate them, or maybe you’re like me and you don’t quite know how to feel about them, this South African rap-rave group is on some next level $hit. “The Answer” as it translates from Afrikaan, is made up of Ninja (born Watkin Tudor Jones), Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. Watch their video Zef Side as it shows a sample of their work in a kinda part interview, part song mockumentary. It’s just so hilarious because it’s just sooooo bloody trashy! Beware, as once again, there’s more penis flailing about.

My fav bit:
“-so….what does [Die Antwoord] mean?
-the answer
-answer to what?
-whatever man…fuck”

But wait… There’s more! As mentioned in the last post, HELLO KL!TTY will have the pleasure of spinning with them tonight at Ninja (Die Antwoord) @ Trump Room. We’ll be doing our best to Zef it up! It’s going to be fokkin crazy tonight with the likes of Trippple Nippplez, The Pitchoun Allstar djz, and more…

Here are a few remixes to their songs*
Die Antwoord – Beat boy (The Bobby6killers & Guerilla Speakerz remix)

Die Antwoord – Zef Side (Slap in the Bass vs Paranoid- Androidz rerun)

Scissor Sisters: I want you to FUNK me!

I can’t believe I let this happen again. This has been probably the 3rd year in a row that I’ve vowed to go see the Scissor Sisters in action and once again, I can’t go. I even led the charge about 4 months ago when I heard they were coming. They’re performing tonight at Zepp Tokyo and tomorrow night at Gan-Ban @ Ageha which just so happens to be the same night that Hello Kl!tty will be spinning at Ninja (Die Antwoord) @ Trump Room (but more about that later).

The Sisters and I have a history. Listening to their first self-titled album and “Ta-Dah” helped get me through some low times when I first moved to Tokyo. My poor ex-housemate would hear songs like “Return to Oz” and “Get it Get it” on loop every night without fail (smile Mel ;)) To say that I am sorely disappointed to miss them would be an understatement. I fear I’ll just go and wallow in my self-pity while I watch vids on their Vevo.

Enjoy these remixes of their latest album”Night Work

Scissor Sisters – Any Which Way (Carte Blanche remix)

Scissor Sisters – Fire With Fire (Starfuckers remix)

Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (Siriusmo remix)

And an oldie but no doubt a banger
Scissor Sisters – Kiss you off (Mr. Oizo remix)

Hmmm, I think I might just play that last one on Thursday… Hopefully I’ll see you when you’re back in Toks again soon. Kl!ttytronic x

Attention: Dubstep may be safe to listen to…

I’ve always had an aversion to Dubstep and I’ve been quite obnoxious about it. Whenever I listen to the intro of a song (unwittingly mind you), I may start to like it, then once that wobble comes in, I roll my eyes, mutter “bloody dubstep” and click next.

I’ll be the first to say maybe I was a bit too harsh (a small maybe).  When I heard Bassnectar’s remix to Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” I didn’t roll my eyes, I didn’t mutter under my breath and I certainly didn’t click next. Could it be that this ice queen may be warming to a subgenre of music that was completely alien to her? Only time will tell. Enjoy x

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar remix)
[***audio preview removed due the uptight suits who issued me a DMCA notice]

Ellie Goulding – Lights (WIRED Dubstep remix)
[***audio preview removed] I knew warming to dubstep would come to no good 😦

It may also be safe to listen to:

N.A.S.A. (Feat. Kanye West, Santigold & Lykke Li)- Gifted (Masuka Remix)

Diplo & Don Diablo – Make You Pop (Don Diablo Dubstep Mix)