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It’s not me… It’s definitely you

Warning: The following songs make me want to strip down naked, burst through the window, free fall 30 floors, face plant on to a parked car, burst into fits of giggles, choke on my own blood, DIE, go to the pearly gates, say “Wha gwaan?” to Jesus, Vishnu, and the whole gang, do our secret handshake, look for Buddha, hi-five him, have him reincarnate me into a frog, meet a princess, kiss her, turn into a prince, order my subject to bring me a computer, listen to these songs again, cry myself to sleep. Repeat in the morning.

Ahhhhh, I’m not usually that graphic but bear with me. Seems like there’s something in the air here in Toks. No, I’m not referring to cesium-137, I’m talking about HEARTBREAK. Everyone around me is ever so slightly on edge, and are teetering on that thin line between love and hate. I myself have been getting to the point where I wanted to cut a … (cake?) but am ever so grateful that I can lose myself in these awesome tracks. Apparently time heals all, if only it’d hurry up already.

Wanted to post this last week but it was shortly after Typhoon Roke so the title would have been a bit insensitive. Laidback Luke teamed up with Example to produce this gem. I was hooked after hearing the piano intro.

Grab it early on iTunes. Here’s my fav remix of it so far:
Laidback Luke vs Example – Natural Disaster (Benny Benassi remix)

***Side-note: Speaking of Example, is it only me or doesn’t he look (and kinda sound like) Calvin Harris?

Wolfgang Gartner just recently debuted his first studio album “Weekend in America” and listening to those tracks make me want do all those colourful things I said earlier, especially when listening to Shrunken Heads. I can’t speak highly enough of him in one paragraph so I’ll save it for a next post.

Wolfgang Gartner vs Calvin Harris – Feel so Shrunken (Pressure mashup)

Other goodies:

Dirty Vegas – Days Go By (Joe Maz Remix)

Tommy Trash – The End (Original mix)

Look at me! Are you looking?

I’m baaaack. Yes I’ve been incognito for over a month now and with good reason. Trust me if I wrote now what I really wanted to write then, HEADS. WOULD. EFFING. ROLL. Didn’t want to turn all Mark Zuckerberg pre-Facebook. It was so hard but I didn’t touch JanKenBPM (not even a peek) and Facebook, I never thought it possible to not even write a status update for over 2 weeks. Shock.

This week marked 2 months since the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Japan is trying to rebuild and we all are trying to move on with our lives. Our relationships/friendships were affected in some way or another and I learned a few things about myself and others since the tragedy. A few things I hope to stick to is:

Never to apologise if you don’t mean it, especially hoping it will elicit an apology in return. Just as it also goes without saying, never take credit for things you didn’t do.

Never pander to attention whores, because soon enough monsters are created.

Don’t take your friends for granted. Make more of an effort to spend time with people you vibe with. Negative energy is just bad for your health.

Ok, so now that I’ve imparted a few gems to live by, I can now return to my lovely, winsome self *cough. Music please:

For when you’re not feeling so winsome, Adele truly brings out that raw emotion.
Adele- Rolling in the Deep (Dan Clare Remix)

Mr. Harris not singing on his track? Shock. Love him anyway.
Calvin Harris – Awooga

And what’s this about Skrillex’s laptop being stolen out of his hotel room in Milan? That seriously sucks. From what I’ve read “Lost in Space” is a collabo with Deadmau5. I dunno how legit that info is but it’s far too good to not share with you a preview on Youtube. I would have posted the track here but don’t want to take a chance and the suits come knocking again. Heard it once and fell in love.

So without further ado Deadmau5- Lost in Space (Feed Me Remix)
See you at Sniff Sniff tonight x